Hi, it's Amanda!

My name is Amanda Azeredo and I am a faith-based entrepreneur who leads an international real estate organization. I teach other female entrepreneurs how to do business according to God's principles.

When I surrendered my life to Christ, I knew I had to make Him the priority not just in my personal life but in my business too. However, I didn't know how to do that.

I turned to prayer and reading the Bible to learn how to apply Christ-like principles to my business.

Through this journey, I felt called to create content that can help other female entrepreneurs who also desire to do business God's way. I want to empower them to follow God's path, not the world's path or their own.

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Realtors In Faith's Vision

  • Build a community

To build a safe place where like-minded faith-based entrepreneurs can come together and build each other up. A private Facebook group coming soon!

  • Create more Kingdom Businesses

  • Bring more people to Christ

To help more entrepreneurs build Kingdom businesses that will make an eternal impact. We need more Kingdom representatives in every industry including the business world.

The mission that we are all on is to be Christ like, to be disciples of God and to glorify God in everything we do so that we can save more souls.

Want to support?

If you feel called to support I want to thank you in advance! We are committed to creating content that helps people grow closer to Jesus. This content is free with limited resources if you would like to support us click the link below. No amount is too small! Thank you and God bless you!